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19 Maret 2021
Android 4.4 +
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Zombie Catchers Mod Apk is a casual action adventure game in a futuristic world that is beset by a zombie invasion where planet Earth has been filled with undead or zombies.

But AJ and Bud, who are two intergalactic businessmen, decide to build a business empire. Namely by hunting all zombies and making the earth safer and at the same time getting big profits by selling zombie juice.

Walk through the wasteland of the undead where even plants can’t survive, eradicate the Zombies between one hunt and the next.

Choose weapons and traps then you upgrade your character to hunt and catch interesting zombies, take them to the underground secret lab.

This game is perfect for all ages and can be downloaded and installed on devices with Android 4.1 and above or the latest version of Android.

Download the application that we have provided below then click install to install the application. You need to remember that we provide the latest version of the Zombie Catchers mod apk application.

Features of the Zombie Catchers Game

There is a common problem among modern android game apps that is about users ending up feeling bored due to constant usage and a lack of new content.

The developers make sure that the game doesn’t fall into that category and this is why they designed lots of cool hidden features that the user can unlock during the game.

Each weapon has its own unique abilities and will help you with various types according to the character of each weapon. So better get it all together and become the best player out there.

Hidden Territory

This game has been designed and provides a hidden underground area that you can explore. This will give each user something new in exploring and catching zombies.

Each region is presented specifically to hone your skills while on an adventure to find zombies. If you want to be the best player out there, then you have to complete all the challenges.

Underground Lab Concept

If you think that this game is all about capturing the evil zombies or undead then sadly you are wrong. Due to the creators, strived to create one of the best gaming experiences by introducing the concept of an underground lab.

Where players can do research and produce the best potions and weapons to make it easier for you to attack zombies. Not only that, you can even grow, expand and diversify your lab to more advanced technology.

Creating a Business Empire

This game allows you to create a business empire right from the start by allowing you to catch as many zombies as you can using your weapons and turn them into delicious food for customers in exchange for money.

Try to catch every type of zombie that exists after that share it with customers and get a lot of money and use it to develop your business empire.

Features Available For Free

Interesting games and features are available free of charge and can be accessed by anyone over 12 years of age. But the creators have added certain features to provide significant changes to the gameplay and gameplay so that this game becomes more interesting.

Any additional features, usually will be charged when using it. However, if you want a versatile and complete gaming experience at no cost. You can use the applications available in this article.

Zombie Catchers Apk Mod gameplay

In the Zombie Catchers Apk Mod “Unlimeted Money” game, you can use any weapon and sneaky traps to hunt zombies. You can unlock interesting hunting features such as nets, weapons, traps and jet packs to help you on your quest for and catch zombies.

You also need to make juices, candies and delicious dishes from zombies then you can sell them to hungry customers.

Try to build a food business empire by developing delicious new recipes and improving your production lines for maximum profit.

It’s exciting to discover new territories on the map and find unique zombies to collect and process into profitable food products.

The advantages of Zombie Catchers Mod Apk

Here are some of the advantages of the Zombie Catchers game with unlimited money.

Unlimited Coins and Plutonium

You can get unlimited coins and plutonium in the game Zombie Catchers Mod Apk “Unlimeted Money”. With this money, you can unlock interesting hunting features like nets, weapons, traps and jet packs for free.

You can also unlock juice, candy, and cooking machines for free. With the presence of unlimited plutonium, you can shorten the time in making food. You can also catch zombies at any time you want without waiting any longer.

Catch Zombies and Make Food

Have you ever associated zombies with food before? Maybe most of us haven’t. In the Zombie Catchers Mod Apk game, you have to catch zombies to make food then sell it to your customers.

You have to get more coins to build more food machines, because this Zombie Catchers Mod Apk is unlimeted of coins, you don’t have to bother collecting coins.

Different zombies will produce different foods. When you catch zombies, you can get coins and plutonium.

But with the advantages of this Zombie Catchers Mod Apk, namely unlimeted coins and plutonium, you can use these coins to upgrade your weapons. And you can save a lot of time with the help of unlimited plutonium.

HD graphics

Apart from exploring new areas, opening new interesting features, creating an interesting and delicious business, extensive and micro-management in its underground laboratory, this game also has HD Graphics quality with exciting sound that makes you players comfortable playing this game.

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