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Taking photos or pictures using Android is something that pretty much everyone does. And not a few also use additional camera applications for photos just to get good results, one of which is the VSCO Premium Mod Apk.

One of the additional camera applications for photos that is currently very popular is the VSCO Premium Apk application, because this application is able to change and make photos more attractive when compared to the default smartphone camera application.

There are lots of camera and photo editing applications that you can use, such as the PicsArt Photo Studio application, Toolwiz Photos-Pro, YouCam Perfect, etc. But among these applications the most widely used is the VSCO Premium Mod Apk application.

For that, on this occasion we will discuss the application and we will also present the VSCO Premium Free application for you to download. The following is a more detailed explanation.

VSCO Pro Apk Mod

VSCO Apk is an android photography camera application which has lots of features and tools for editing the images and photos that you have.

In addition to taking photos, this application can do photo editing and can immediately share the results via social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.

This VSCO camera application uses a grid with a fairly good level of accuracy. Many famous photographers have created their amazing work of photos using an application that is simple but has amazing results.

The excellent feature of this application is that it can give a white effect to the skin. Apart from these features, this application also features a wide selection of presets and filters for photo editing. You can adjust all the effects contained in this application using the available features and tools.

Advantages of Using VSCO Premium

When compared with its competing application, Lightroom, VSCO also provides almost the same functions and advantages. But what makes the VSCO Cam Mod Apk application superior to its competitors is that you can immediately take photos using the VSCO Camera and edit them.

Another advantage that this premium VSCO has is that the camera already has a high focal point. So that when you take a photo, the results will look better than the standard camera that comes with the cellphone.

In addition, you can also see the results of editing and other people’s work so that they can be used as reference material in doing photo techniques and photo editing.

By using the free VSCO Cam Fullpack application, the editing process does not have to use a computer or PC to produce the best photos and images, you only need to use an Android device to do photo editing.

Even though this application has lots of features and tools, VSCO Pro Mod Apk still has a fairly light storage capacity. So that it can make it easier and optimize the performance of Android for each user.

VSCO Mod Apk Features

Lots of features are presented and you can enjoy them for free in this application, some of them are.

  • Alignment of photos on social media accounts.
  • Have used Superior Preset to make edits look better.
  • Has a VSCO Grid.
  • There is a store menu to complement the supporting tools.
  • Review the appearance of photos after and before editing
  • Equipped with several info such as location, date, and use of presets.
  • Unlock the VSCO Full Pack Feature.
  • Premium features can be used right away
  • Unlock all locked VSCO filters
  • No Ads (No Watermark)

VSCO Apk Application Features

Before using the VSCO application, first familiarize yourself with the features and functions of each tool contained in the application so that it is familiar and facilitates the image editing process. The following is a basic explanation of some of its features and functions.

Camera Integration

In the VSCO application, a camera feature has been embedded that is well integrated on Android. This allows each user to take photos directly from the VSCO Cam application.

The resulting photo quality also has good results, because the camera feature uses a little filter effect. If the resulting quality looks unattractive, you can immediately edit it using the VSCO Premium tools that are available.

Creative Photo Ideas

On the main page you can see and compare photos that are often used by other people. Find a variety of creative photo ideas that are used by every user, from standard photographers to experienced professional photographers.

VSCO Feedback

In this feature, you can follow other user accounts to be used as a place to view references in editing photos, such as using filter effects and presets. You can communicate with them to share experiences in photo editing.


The VSCO X feature is one of the VSCO Premium services and one thing for sure, to get this feature you have to update the VSCO application and make payments.

But take it easy, because you can enjoy the VSCO X features for free by downloading the VSCO Cam Fullpack Mod Apk on the link we provided earlier.

Studio Room

Next is the Studio feature, with this latest feature you can save all the photos that you edited before. This feature is almost the same as the gallery found on your cellphone, only if the VSCO application is only able to store photos that you have edited before.

Color Contrast

Various types of colors in photos can be adjusted using the saturation feature. This feature can change the color that initially looks faded to brighter. Usually users take advantage of this effect to change images that have the same background color.


This feature can change the brightness of a photo or image, you can do this immediately by opening the photo to be edited. Photos that are edited using this feature are usually photos that are captured when the object is closed with the light behind it.


Many say that this feature has almost the same function as the lighting feature. The difference between the contrast feature and the lighting feature is the function and usage.

The contrast feature can be used to adjust dark light in certain areas. You can take advantage of this feature to lighten certain areas of the photo in order to get editing results with an attractive appearance.


To complement the needs of its users, VSCO has updated its application with the addition of an action feature, which allows you to save the photo editing steps you have done.

You can even share the action with everyone using the social media accounts you have. And vice versa, you can also use other people’s photo editing steps and apply them directly to your photos.

In standard VSCO, you can only store 1 action, but it’s different if you use VSCO X premium. In the premium application you can store up to 10 actions.

VSCO filter

You can take advantage of the VSCO Premium Mod Apk filter feature to edit photos quickly and easily, because this feature is a feature that was deliberately created to make it easier for users to edit photos.

The VSCO filter has simplified its features by combining several effects such as preset features, hue, color exposure, sketch, grid etc.

Photo Editing Tools

There are 4 tools to complete photo editing activities that you can use, some of which are crop, rotate, straighten and tilt.

Following are the functions of the four supporting tools.

  • Crop.
    Can be used to cut or remove photo frames in certain areas. This tool can also be used to resize photos or images.
  • Rotate.
    This tool can be used to rotate objects or pictures with landscape view into portrait view.
  • Straightener.
    This tool is one of the supporting tools in photo editing. The function of this tool is to adjust the ratio and straighten the photos that have been embedded in the application.
  • Tilt.
    This tilt tool can rotate photo or image objects horizontally or vertically. Usually used to rotate objects such as words.

How to Create a VSCO Premium Account

Even though you already have the VSCO Premium application, you cannot directly edit photos. Because before you use this application, you must have a VSCO Premium account first. Here’s how to register for a VSCO Premium account.

  • Open the VSCO application, then press the “sign up” button. You can register using e-mail or cellphone number. If you want to create a VSCO account using your cellphone number, then press “Sign Up with Phone Number”.
  • Enter the cellphone number you have, then press “Next”.
  • VSCO will give a message to the number you have registered to receive a verification code.
  • Enter the code that you got via the SMS in the VSCO application column, then press “Continue”.
  • Enter the profile name and password, then press “sign up”.
  • The next stage select “start your free 7-day trial”, and press “continue”.
  • In order to use the VSCO application without any restrictions, you must subscribe first. However, if you are a new user using VSCO, you can only use the VSCO application for 7 days for free.

How to Photo Using VSCO

How to take photos using the VSCO camera easily in order to get good results, you can adjust the camera settings manually. You can adjust the focus function, white balance, ISO, and so on.

Adjust these settings based on the conditions when taking photos. Set the focus point using the AF point on the screen. Or you can drag the red circle to get the focus point as you wish.

Learn also other Photo Types and Techniques such as the position of the Camera Angle to maximize photo results and facilitate image editing.


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