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Tank Stars Mod Apk is an android game application with the arcade genre and is currently popular among gamers.

This game provides a very amazing game, you will go on an adventure and enter the world of tank battles with an extraordinary sensation.

One of the main attractions of this game is the application’s size capacity which is quite light but has used excellent image and graphic displays.

Tank Stars Mod Apk has a perfect game mode complete with varying difficulty levels. If you can survive in the competition, then you will be the winner and get the top ranking in the game.

Gameplay in Tank Stars Mod Apk

This Tank Stars Mod Apk game has two game modes, the first mode where you can play against the system, and the second mode is that you can play against other players online.

You will be limited to moving at each level, you can only move in a short distance, according to the level and the fuel you have. For that you also have to upgrade the tanks you have.

The controls that this game has are also quite simple, you only need to touch a button to move using your finger while the match is in progress.
Like other arcade games, Tank Stars Mod Apk has a wide variety of items and types of tanks. You can use all types of these items to maximize the strength of the tank in battle.

Items that you can use to make your opponent lose quickly are bombs, nukes, missiles, shotguns, napalm, ice missiles, and many more items that have super powers.

However, you can use all of these items and get them if you have won the match or you can immediately use these items by making payments directly in the application.

How to play

This Tank Stars game is actually a one-on-one tank car battle game with the best graphic display which is very fun. You only have to destroy the opponent’s tank to get victory and get a number of attractive prizes.

In the battle arena, you will be faced with the opponent’s tank positioned on the right and left side of the frame. Besides that, this match also has a limited time and you have to shoot each other in turn.

Each tank has an energy bar indicator at the top of the screen, when the energy bar runs out, the tank will explode and you will lose the match or battle.

Therefore, during the shooting process, you must move and move your position with the maximum possible range so that there are no obstacles or obstacles when shooting your opponent.

Tips & Trick for Playing Tank Stars

If you want to win a battle on the battlefield or want to destroy your opponent’s tank, you have to try some of the Tank Stars Apk tips and tricks that we have provided below.

Choose the Right Weapon

In addition to choosing the type of tank you want at the start of the game, you can also choose the type of weapon that suits the character of each tank.

Although each type of tank has the same function, there are several main differences, namely the types of weapons that can be used. Do some experiments and experiments to find a weapon that fits the character of the tank.

Weapon and Equipment Upgrades

After you find a weapon that matches the tank character, all you have to do to win the battle is to upgrade the weapon to become stronger.

Watch Ads

The function of the chest in this game is to get several items that can be used to upgrade weapons. Make sure you get as many weapons and special items as possible by opening each chest.

Win the Tournament

The next trick is to win the match in tournament mode. In each battle arena there will be several waves after waves. The best way to win this tournament mode is by choosing the tank that has the highest damage.

In this tournament mode you will also fight many enemies at once, so the best way to win the Tank Stars Mod Apk tournament mode is to choose a tank that can shoot and hit the opponent’s tank at once.

Tank Stars Mod Apk Features

There are lots of features that are presented in this game, especially when you use the Tank Stars Mod Apk application, some of these features include.

No Ads / No Ads

The main feature that the Mod Apk version of the application certainly has is that there are no ads displayed when playing this game. Unlike the free version of the game application which has a lot of advertisements in it.

Therefore, if you want an application or game without ads, you can immediately use and download the Tank Stars Mod Apk no ads on the buttons that we have provided in this article.

Unlimited Money / Unlimited Money

The next feature is the unlimited money feature, you can take advantage of this feature for various purposes contained in this Tank Stars game such as upgrading weapons, opening items, opening chests, upgrading tanks, and many others.

And the most important thing about this feature is that you can use all the coins without fear of running out if you download the Tank Stars Mod Apk for unlimited money.

Unlock All Tanks

You can freely use all the tanks in the game without making purchases using coins or direct payments.

Tank Stars Mod Apk All Tank Unlock has unlocked all types of tanks that are locked. So to use it you only have to upgrade the tank to the maximum level.


When viewed from the graphic display, this game has a fairly simple image and not too much. Each weapon and tank appearance has been designed attractively so that it doesn’t get boring when playing.

The use of a neutral core color and a dark background as well as a bright tank coloring, manages to create an impressive effect. Every user will definitely feel like a real battle.

It doesn’t stop there, the combination of these images becomes very dramatic when combined with the sound of a moving tank car, the sound of mines, gunfire, and other sound effects.

User Interface Display

If you are new to the Tank Stars game, don’t worry about using it. Because the User Interface (UI) of this game is very easy to understand.

Control System

Apart from the UI appearance, the control system features of this game are also very simple and very easy to use. You can move the tank back and forth using the buttons on the left.

And to carry out attacks using weapons, you can use the buttons that are available in the game on the right side of the screen.

Update the Tank Stars Mod Apk Latest Version

There are many types of tanks and different types of weapons that will always be updated by the application developer. One of them is a weapon with a total strength of 10+.

You can use it to play in multi player mode and against friends who are on social networks like Facebook. or even you can fight global players.

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