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26 Februari 2021
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Watching live videos is one of the activities that can fill your spare time, especially when watching live streaming videos using the Sugar Live Mod Apk application. Because in this application besides watching live streaming videos, you can also interact with users who broadcast live streaming.

Apart from interacting directly, using this application can also be a place to pour out the creativity and talents you have through live streaming videos.

For those of you who don’t know about the Sugar Live Mod Apk application, you can read the explanation about the application both from how to use it and its latest features.

Sugar Live

Sugar live is a social networking live streaming application that contains entertainment video content and has even been assessed as having videos about Indonesian culture.

With this Sugar live application, you can also watch live stream video services while chatting or interacting directly with the best broadcasters in the world which is of course very interesting and useful for you.

In addition, by using the Sugarlive Mod Apk application, you can become a broadcaster or streamer with various video content based on your talents.

The Sugar live application was developed by Anak Bangsa and will provide something new for you to express your creativity through video content.

Based on its advantages, this application can be said to be very different from other streaming service applications because when you use this application, you will feel the atmosphere or culture in the country, especially Indonesia.

For those of you who want to become a reliable broadcaster, you can immediately use Sugarlive Mod Apk because of its very easy use. To start, you just have to press a button on the home page.

In addition, this Sugarlive Mod Apk has a fairly light capacity with a complete variety of interesting features that you can immediately enjoy when downloading Sugar Live Mod Apk Unlock Room.

There are various kinds of features offered by this application and of course these features can make it easy for you to use the Sugar Live VIP Mod Apk application. Some of these features are as follows.

Mod Apk Features

As an active user and likes to watch other users who are doing live broadcasts, maybe you will experience problems when visiting several rooms.

Some rooms can place restrictions on users who will watch the video, something like this can be called a private room. If you want to enter or open the room, you must make payments using virtual money.

To overcome this, you can use and download the Sugar Live Mod Apk unlock room with the following features.

  • No Banned
  • Unlock Private Room

Sugarlive Mod Apk Features

Currently the Sugar Live Mod Apk application has become an application that is very popular among android users. In fact, reportedly this application has become a necessity because it contains various interesting features when using it.

Following are the features found in the Sugar Live Mod Apk application to unlock the latest 2020 unlimited coin rooms.

Indonesian content

The first feature that this application has is the availability of a type of content with the characteristics of a video presentation in general about Indonesian culture. If you are looking for a video related to Indonesia, maybe this application is perfect for you to download.

In this video application you will definitely find various content with video categories such as Music videos, Tutorials, Comedy, Movie trailers, foreign films, UGC (User generated content), Education, Entertainment / Entertainment, Football, and Lifestyle.

All of these videos will continue to be updated every day, so of course you will not miss the latest information and news about viral videos that are being discussed by the public.

Watch Other People or Yourself Videos

Each user of this live streaming application is mostly a viewer of his own video. They will make several live video broadcasts based on their showable talents such as Cooking, Drawing and painting, Makeup, Singing, Dancing, etc.

Even with this feature, it can also add to the experience and insight of what they are doing by asking or interacting directly with broadcasters live streamers. Every video that airs will have a chat feature at the bottom of the screen.

Besides that, you can also make money using the Sugar Live application by showing your abilities to other people around the world. Achieve the highest number of views during a live broadcast or live stream.

Unique Gift

If you often hear some podcast applications with features that have prizes such as the TikTok application, Anchor,, Money App and other applications. Maybe one application you can try to use and serve as an application that makes money without capital.

Gifts are gifts given by viewers to video broadcasters as a form of appreciation for video content that is considered very interesting. Each gift has a different value from this is where a live streamer can earn extra money.

There are various types and forms of gifts from this Sugar Live Mod Apk application and of course each of these forms and types has different values. Unlike other video streaming applications, in this application you will find gift stickers with Indonesian nuances.

Daily Missions

To keep you active using this application, the developer has equipped the application with various missions which are always updated every day so that you can complete it easily and quickly.

With this daily mission feature, you can also get diamonds or coins for free without making a purchase or payment first. You can use each of these diamonds to purchase stickers or gifts in the application.

Create a Sugar Live Account

How to use this application is certainly quite easy. However, if you are a user who just downloaded the Sugarlive Mod Apk application and feel confused with the user interface. You can follow the steps below ..

  • The first thing you have to do, of course, is download the Sugar Live application first on the button that we have provided in this article.
  • After the application is downloaded and installed on your Android device, simply open the application.
  • The system will automatically ask for several access permissions such as device files, media, recording, and device location.
  • Then enter the Sugar Live application to make an akuk first so you can use the Sugarlive application.
  • You can create an account using Google or Facebook services.
  • Wait until the account creation process is complete.
  • The next step, you can complete profile data such as profile photos, user names, gender, and so on.
  • When finished, you can immediately enjoy the video or do a live broadcast using the Sugar Live Mod Apk application.

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