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10 Maret 2021
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State Of Survival Mod Apk – Have you ever imagined being in a city that has a virus spreading like in a movie. Whether it’s a deadly virus or a virus that if infected will become like zombies.

Game State Of Survival Mod Apk will bring such an atmosphere. Maybe this game sounds really scary. This game will force you to survive and find a way out so you don’t meet zombies.

You can play games with this strategy genre through all types of Android devices. Currently, there are lots of games with the theme of survival, one of which is the game State Of Survival Apk.

When viewed in terms of the game and storyline, this game is very interesting for you to try. Especially for those of you who like to play Android games with a strategy and tactic style. For those of you who are curious and want to know what makes this game interesting, see the following reviews.

State Of Survival

State of Survival is a strategy game that requires you to defeat hordes of zombies that will destroy cities and infect viruses.

You will be equipped with several weapons to fight zombies and defend the city. The graphics of the State of Survival game are quite attractive because they have a city view with a bird’s eye perspective.

This point of view will make the game more interesting and the game will be easier to monitor the character and shoot all the zombies that are approaching.

In this game there are interesting things that you can play, namely you can open an equipment box and you will also have a team to complete your adventure while playing.

You can strategize with team members who will help you conquer the zombies. Every movement will affect the game’s story line. So you have to strategize effectively.

In addition, the team members that are owned can be changed and their skills modified so that they can help and streamline the strategies that are being compiled. Each character has special skills that can be used to efficiently kill and defeat the zombies.

To complete the game, each character will provide several missions that must be completed in order to continue with new missions such as helping people who are in danger in a city.

While performing the action, there is a map that can provide directions for completing missions and challenges. You just have to follow the instructions and fight the zombies that are approaching.

State Of Survival Gameplay

Overall, this game is almost the same as the Tower Defense game The Realm Last, where you have to place your character and weapons to survive the zombie attacks that come your way.

And will end up controlling the city area without any more zombies. Besides that, this game also requires you to get food to support the urban community.

Building Settlements

At the beginning of the game before the survival mission begins, you will place a safe settlement and you must protect the survivors in the city.

When rebuilding the old settlement, you will find a suitable and very safe place to avoid spreading the existing virus. In this new place you will build your own base and produce food for urban resources.

What’s more interesting is that you can create weapons to fight zombies and protect the bases you have. This is where the game starts.

State of Survival Character Type

This State of Survival Mod Apk has presented various kinds of heroes with different characters. Maybe you will be interested in one of the characters in this game. And you can also use each character effectively to strategize and fight zombies.

Complete each mission using your character and weaponry to build your city and avoid being attacked by zombies. The higher the level that is taken, the more difficult the zombies you will face.

Strategy to fight against zombies

Besides that, what makes the State of Survival Mod Apk game complete and more interesting, you will have the opportunity to fight every enemy in battle with various strategies.

You can arrange the position or placement of characters to fight zombies that arrive. Different players, different strategies will be used. You can explore every position and character in the game.

Properly design or build equipment for each team member and choose the best character with his abilities to defeat opponents on the battlefield.

Missions and Game Obstacles

When you go on an adventure to survive in this State Of Survival Survive The Zombie Apocalypse Mod Apk game, you will find various kinds of missions with very interesting challenges to enjoy.

In addition to missions and challenges, this game also provides various kinds of events which are always updated every day. Make sure you log in and play the State of Survival Mod Apk every day to get other interesting prizes.

Graphic and Sound Display

State of Survival Mod Apk has now perfected its appearance with very detailed 3D graphics on each character and animation effects. So that you will feel the sensation of the game like what has been expected.

You will see a graphic display such as a pile of debris from the battle of a group of roaming zombies. In fact, each of these animation effects has been equipped with interesting sound effects so that when you play this game, the atmosphere will feel even more real.

State of Survival Mod Apk Features

After you download the State of Survival Mod Apk, you can enjoy some features that you won’t find in other applications when playing it. The following features are contained in the latest State of Survival Mod Apk Unlimited Biocaps game.

  • Menu Selection Mod
  • Unlimited Biocaps
  • No Skill CD
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping
  • Quick Skill

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