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Music has been created for a long time since ancient times and now music continues to develop along with the changing times, one example is that you can now listen to music through the Spotify Premium Apk application forever using only an Android smartphone.

Currently, many users have downloaded the free Spotify Premium application just for the reason that they can listen to music streaming.

In addition, this streaming music application has a podcast feature with various categories such as Comedy, Education, Arts, Business, Games, Hobbies, Health, and so on.

You can enjoy the presence of legal Spotify Premium if you have made a payment first. But not infrequently there are users who want this paid application for free.

Therefore we will review the following discussion about the Spotify Premium Apk Mod in detail.

Spotify review

Spotify is the number one music streaming application that is very famous in the world and it is proven that the number of application users continues to increase until it reaches more than 60 million users.

The popularity of this application is due to several advantages and features that other streaming applications such as Qobuz and Deezer Music Player do not have.

And even now, Spotify has classified its applications according to the needs of its users, such as Spotify Premium For Students, Spotify Premium Family, Spotify Premium Duo, and Spotify Premium Google Home.

Here are the things that make the Spotify App so popular.

Best Music Player App

Spotify is the best music streaming service application and is very popular to date. Every music service and feature is compatible for all types of devices, both Android devices and computer / PC devices.

In addition, the songs available can also be said to be very complete. You can listen to songs via Spotify Premium for free for a few days before subscribing first.

Most Customer Users

When viewed from the number of users, this application already has more than 60 million users and 75% of its users are premium application customers. It is very natural that this application is said to be the number one streaming music service application.

Even if you look at the number of downloads found on Google Playstore, this application has more than 21 million downloads and has not added users who have downloaded Spotify Premium Apk via the website.

Nearly 50 Million Songs Available

Spotify provides an easy service to search for a song by category such as artist and album and you can even easily listen to radio broadcasts or podcasts about music.

You can quickly select songs based on your individual music tastes in the search field on the main menu page.

All genres of songs are available in this application, even old songs have been present in this application. In addition, each song has been organized into types and categories so that you can easily find music according to your taste.

Millions of Playlists

The random mode player is an interesting feature found in the Spotify application, when it can let the song being played freely in this application.

But sometimes the music that is played is not according to your taste and even you can find songs that are suitable and according to your taste.

If you don’t like playing music randomly, you can immediately choose a song based on the available playlist. The playlist that is presented is very complete and also practical for you to use.

Spotify Premium Apk Mod features

In general, every application, especially the mod version of the application, will provide many and interesting features. However, its use does not require you to buy the Spotify premium package.

So without having to make a payment you can enjoy all these features for free, you only have to download and install the application.

Some of the features of the Spotify Premium Mod Apk include the following.

  • Unlock Spotify Connect.
  • Free from Visual and Audio ads (No Ads).
  • Available Seeking music and audio.
  • 320kbps audio quality
  • There is a theme Amoled (Dark Mode)
  • Can select and play songs for each album.
  • Unlimited shuffle mode.
  • Unlock Extreme Audio mode.
  • Unlocks Repeat, Storyline, and Canvas features.
  • Disable analitycs and Crshlytics.

How to Use of Spotify Premium APK

After the Spotify Premium application is successfully installed on your Android device, then you just have to use it. However, to use this application, you need an account.

If you already have a Spotify account, you can immediately log in to the application, but if you are new to this application, you must create an account first.

You can immediately create a Spotify account instantly using a Facebook account or a google account. When finished, login to be able to use this application.

Even if you log in using a free account, you can still use premium features. Ignore the application update notification, because if you update Spotify Premium, all premium features will disappear.

How To Make A Podcast On Spotify

For those of you who want to create your own radio channel or podcast, you can use the Spotify application. But first, you have to prepare equipment to make podcasts such as microphones, audio interfaces, audio workstations, and computers.

After everything has been prepared, you can immediately upload your podcast channel to Spotify. The method is as follows.

  1. Open the Spotify application for Podcasts, then log in using the account that you registered
  2. Then click (Get Started) on the (Submit your Podcast) page
  3. On the (Terms and Conditions) page, check the dialog box, and select (Continue)
  4. The next step is to enter the RSS feed link in the available column
  5. Give a title name and cover image for your podcast channel, then click (Next)
  6. You can also add some info such as category, language, country name, and service provider name in the (Add Podcast Info) section, press the (Next) button.
  7. Double-check the detailed information page that you want to upload.
  8. If everything is considered complete and sufficient, click (Submit)

Pros and Cons of Spotify


Perfect for all platforms. You can listen to music streaming using a PC or via an android application.
Has a User Interface (UI) that is very friendly, and can be used by all groups.
Very clever music recommendation capability. You will be presented with some music according to your taste or atmosphere.
High audio quality
Has a song lyrics display feature
Every song is copyrighted in full


The price for subscribing to Spotify Premium is quite high
Many ads are served both visual and audio
Only some songs have lyrics.

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