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Game Mini World Mod Apk is an android game that you can enjoy with a million complete features such as one of which is display images with 3D graphics.

In the game there are many things you can do, such as exploring the latest things and practicing creativity with exciting adventures with friends.

At first glance, this game is almost the same as one of the games that has long been quite famous, namely Minecraft. Even from the gameplay, the Mini World Mod Apk game is very similar to Minecraft Mod Apk.

You can build houses and find other materials needed to adventure and explore new things. But what makes this game different is the appearance of graphics that are better than Minecraft.

This game does not have a certain level or level, Mini World Mod Apk is just an adventure game that is very exciting and interesting depending on your creativity in creation.

This game can be played online together with your friends or close relatives because there is a multiplayer setting mode that is easy to use at any time.

In this game, you can also build a house, a small apartment, a palace, or a city. You can build a building as high as it is.

You can explore the underground world and fight dragon monsters with friends online.

There is a Survival mode that has been presented by this game, you can play several mini games that have been made by other players from various locations.

Several types of mini games such as puzzles, parkour, FPS games, and strategy games complete with hundreds of blocks and items to play.

Game Play Mini World

Previously, you could only play this game via PC, but because Mini World PC has received quite a lot of support from game lovers, this game has developed on the Android platform.

Even though you can play this game via an Android device, all of the features you have are still sufficient to provide the same gaming experience as Mini World in PC.

Here are some features that you can still enjoy when playing the Mini World Mod Apk game.


In the Mini World Mod Apk game, you will still feel a very wide playing space, this is almost the same as the latest Minecraft Mod Apk game.

The main mission of this game is to build a housing or urban area, you can build each building using items or block elements.

You can go on an adventure by building several buildings based on your own thoughts and ideas. Implement and pour every creativity you have for adventure.

Every available tool you can use to build a fortress, cities, housing, agriculture, nurseries, etc. These are all characteristics of the game.

Game Mode

There are several game modes that this Mini World Mod Apk has. Starting from shooting, quizzes, puzzles, and all sports you will find in the Mini World Block Art Apk.

Apart from the survival mode, there is also a very entertaining game mode with a variety of genres and can be played by many other players, you can collaborate with other friends to build several buildings at once.

Every building process carries a risk of damage caused by monsters and beasts, but other players can help you rebuild in a matter of seconds.

3D Pixel graphics

Mini World Block Art can be said to be a game that has the same graphics as Minecraft. However, this game has several main differences such as the image design from Mini World is much more beautiful,

In addition, every corner detail contained in this Mini World Block Art is easier to see and access than Minecraft, because many details are curved with MiniPlay curves.

This game also has a landscape theme with a very natural color combination so that it can provide an experience in a multi-colored field.

Mini World : Block Art Mod Apk Features

Mini World Block Art is a very interesting game to play because it features a sandbox in a unique 3D style. There are lots of features in this Mini World Mod Apk game, including:

  • Mini World Block Art update
    There are content updates and event updates which will be updated every month.
  • Game Type
    There are two game modes that you can choose from, namely solo player (Offline Mode) and multiplayers (Online Mode).
  • SandBox World
    Explore the huge world of the SandBox complete with monsters, blocks, items and other equipment.
  • Mini Games
    There are several types of mini games such as Parkour, Puzzle, FPS, Strategy, Horror, etc.
  • Game Mode
    There are 3 game modes, namely Adventure, Creation, and Mini Games.
  • Mini World Block Art map
    You can also upload or download an android mini world block art map that you made yourself or someone else’s.
  • Choice of Language
    English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Indonesian and Chinese.

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