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16 Desember 2020
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Hide Online Mod Apk is a game of hide and seek that can treat your longing as a child. The game of hide and seek is one of the traditional games that is very popular with people.

However, along with the times and technology, this game of hide and seek has now arrived on electronic devices, namely Android. In the modern era, you can find hide and seek in the Hide Online game.

Playing with friends in your spare time is a very fun activity, even in some areas this hide-and-seek game has different rules.

Now because this online Hide game is a substitute game for hide and seek, surely this Hide Online game has rules too. Each rule must be appropriate to the circumstances but serve the same purpose.

You must either escape or you search. Even though this game looks like a child, this Hide Online game has very many active users.

By playing the very exciting and fun Hide Online game, it will make you reminisce with your childhood friends.

Each player must hide somewhere in order to avoid being chased by the guards. This game is also able to increase your agility when playing, you can show your ability or shrewdness in avoiding the guard’s chase.

How to Play Hide Online

The Hide Online Mod Apk game was deliberately created by the developer with the aim of being able to reminisce about the game in childhood, namely hide and seek, where this traditional game can be said to have rarely played it again.

In addition, nowadays it is quite difficult to play hide and seek because of the development of the times and nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find a play area for children.

However, with today’s advancing technology, you can play hide-and-seek without having to use a large page. You can play it only at home using an Android smartphone.

Even though you only play using Android, this game still gets a fun atmosphere that is presented. Therefore, this application is very popular among children and adults who want to reminisce.

Hide online Mod Apk has combined a shooting game with hide and seek. In the game of hide and seek, the guards have to find or find other players who are hiding.

There are several challenges so that you can enter the next level and of course each level has a different difficulty level.

Each player can search for secret hiding places so that the guards won’t easily find them. There are several tricks and methods that you can use when hiding in order to win the Hide Online Mod Apk game.

There are two joystick buttons on your android screen, the right button can be used to perform actions, while the button on the left can be used to move the main character.

Hide Online feature

Each application must have its own features and advantages, Game Hide Online Mod Apk also certainly has features too. The following features are presented by application developers so that players can feel comfortable playing.

Simple Interface

Hide Online Mod Apk comes with a simple interface and is very easy to use or understand. This of course has a goal so that new users do not experience difficulties when playing the latest Hide Online for PC.

In other words, every available menu or button, you don’t need to study it first. The development team has designed the game with an excellent interface.

Hide Online Update New Obstacles

Every day the Hide Online game will update various new obstacles to ensure that players will not get bored quickly and can continue to practice game skills.

With obstacles, game modes, challenges and game levels, you will always feel challenged to continue playing this game.


You can play this game with your friends or family by using the multiplayers feature. Create a fun atmosphere while feeling nostalgic.

Experience the world during childhood using this challenging android game. Look for hiding places that are not easy to find.

Instinct Games

Apart from techniques and skills, you can also rely on instinct to win. Train your game instincts as a child to strategize and hide.

The use of instincts will affect your success rate to win the game. Maybe it could be said that it was like hunting in the forest, instinct would determine the outcome.

Apart from hiding from the guard’s chase, you also have to be careful of some of the traps that have been given by the guard.

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