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23 Februari 2021
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Heroes Strike is an offline 3v3 Moba Brawl Shooter game with a variety of mode choices and is equipped with the use of 3D-quality graphic designs.

In this game there are various types of skills, characters with different classes and levels, and even the types of equipment each hero has.

You can not only take advantage of skills, but you also have to work together with teammates to master and win the battle arena.

For a more detailed explanation of the game Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk, let’s look at the following article.

Heroes Strike Mod Apk Offline

The most popular Android game today is the Heroes Strike 3v3 Moba Brawl Shooter game application, because this game is an e-sport game that you can play offline and for free.

In this game you will fight A.I. or a system that has been developed in various difficulty levels, you can also adjust the difficulty level or the level of the game.

Play Heroes Strike Mod APK by trying the abilities of each of the newest characters, increase your abilities without having to be connected to the internet network.

When starting the game, you will get 3 heroes with different levels and skills. You can collect the number of stars for each hero to win the match.

There are several types and variations of skill choices in this Heroes Strike game, such as Attack, Stun, Defense, and Healing.

Each match has a duration of 4 minutes, so you have to strategize and combine each hero quite well.

All types of abilities and items contained in the characters in this game have been very well designed so that each player can adjust the strategy according to their wishes and their own ways.

How to Play Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk

  • Collecting Stars (Star)

When you play the Heroes Strike mod apk game, you have to collect a large number of stars and you also have to beat the number of enemy stars to become the winner.

  • Get a Hero

If you succeed in defeating the enemy, then you will get a prize in the form of 3 heroes with 5 different skills

  • Duration of Play

For the duration of the match, it is approximately 4 minutes, and you can arrange or adjust your strategy beforehand so you can beat your opponent.

  • Abundant Gifts

Every time you play and win a battle, you will get lots of prizes and other interesting items for free.

Game Play Heroes Strike Offline

3v3 Battle Royale

There are 12 players who will fight in the match, 11 other players are a system, but they have different abilities, weapons and talents.

The main objective of the game is to survive and be the last player in the match, you can easily win the match if you use the lowest level of difficulty.

Brawl Shooting Multiple Game Modes

This game has a wide and varied game aspect, which can entertain every user such as game modes, character choices, skills, maps, and the features contained in the game.

3D view

This game has also used a display with simple 3D graphics and has been combined with bright colors.

Each hero has been designed according to its character, complete with additional attractive visual effects so that it can give a good impression to every Heroes Strike player.

Control System

In addition, this game supports a flexible and quite modern control mechanism compared to other MOBA games.

You can control each character through the classic top-down perspective system, which allows you to see your surroundings clearly.

In addition, this game also supports different control mechanisms, such as the use of a joystick, automatic fire, classic control types, etc.

If you are looking for a game with an interesting gameplay and control system, this game can be the right choice for you to play.

Offline Moba game

Moba games are one of the most popular types of games in the world at this time, if you want to play the moba game while traveling, maybe this Heroes Strike Offline game is perfect for you to try.

You can play this game without having to use a laptop, just by using an Android device, you can play the Moba game offline anywhere.


Surely the map contained in this game has been designed carefully, in detail, and there are even many hiding places that you can use.

There are several bushes or grass in each map that you can use to ambush enemies.

Match Mode

You will get a random game mode, or a certain game mode to display your abilities in the match.

During the match, each character will start from level 1, and will level up gradually as you defeat your opponent. In this game, the process of leveling up a hero is very important.

When the character reaches a higher level, the basic stats will be increased and will allow you to add skill points.

Each character will get 4 different types of skills, some of which are active skills and passive skills.

Heroes Strike Offline Mod Apk Features

  • Modern Moba 3v3 game.
  • Battle Royale with 12 players.
  • 8 player King game.
  • There are many game modes.
  • Update every month.
  • Perfect balanced match.
  • Match duration 4 minutes.
  • The ideal offline game.
  • A large collection of heroes.
  • Each hero has unique abilities.
  • There are options for abilities such as:
    • Attack
    • Defense
    • Stun
    • Support
  • Lots of free gifts.
  • Hero with 5 different abilities.
  • Free all items.
  • Best control system
  • Anti lag game.
  • Characters with balanced abilities.
  • Update the latest heroes, skins, abilities, arenas and modes.
  • Unlimited money (Unlimited Money).
  • Unlimited gems.
  • No ads (No Ads).

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