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Aplikasi zANTI – Hello friends, do you want to be a hacker? if so, you need to try and use the zANTI app to easily learn to become a trusted hacker. This application is considered effective for performing hacking techniques by means of MITM.

If you want to do this technique, you have to connect with one connection to the person who is going to be the target. By connecting to the internet, you can find out what users are doing when using a Wi-Fi network.

This way of working is often said to be using the MITM (Man in the Middle Attack) technique, or in Indonesian it is called “attack from the middle”. This means that the middle is between the internet and the user.

In addition, you can also use the ZANTI application to get WiFi passwords on Android phones. As one of the networks with strong and stable signal strength, Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is currently in its heyday.

In fact, many people use this network for just business. Therefore, now you can easily find internet networks anywhere.

Although we can find WiFi networks in various places such as campuses, restaurants and other meeting places, in fact there are also irresponsible individuals who want to try to infiltrate the wifi network.

Usually they do it in various ways starting by using the WiFi Finder application and other applications. And one such application is ZANTI.

The zANTI Android application

zANTI is the app most used by hackers to test their Wi-Fi security. But you can also take advantage and use this application too. The way to use it is quite complicated, but it is very effective to use on almost any WiFi.

ZANTI features

Applications commonly used by IT.
Comprehensive tool to take advantage of Wi-Fi security.
Provides complete information about the intended Wi-Fi.
Provides comprehensive reports on WiFi security.

How to use the zANTI application

In addition to knowing the WiFi network, this application can also be used to attack WiFi users who perform trespassing or infiltration. Of course this application is very dangerous if misused.

Here’s how to use the ZANTI app properly.

The first step

Open the zAnti application that you have installed, then perform a scan

In this case, the application will automatically search for open WiFi ports. from here you can also see the devices that are currently connected to your WiFi.

If you already know which network ports are open, you can immediately block people who have entered the wifi network illegally.

Second Step

Like the first step, do the scan first.

Then after the scan is complete, ZANTI will display the IP number of the connected device.

After you know the IP, of course you will also know which ports are open.

When you know the target information, go to the “attack” section and fill in the following text:

  • Password Complexity Audit = Used to check password strength.
  • MITM = Its function is to disconnect or intercept network packets through Men In the Midle
  • SHELL SHOCK = verify the existence of vulnerabilities in the security system.
  • SSL Poodle = Useful for corrupting SSL certificates on a Poodle Web

If you already know some of the features and attack schemes, continue to the next step.

Step Three

After selecting an attack at MITM, you can use a fishing rod to attack the victim.

Then activate MITM by pressing the ON button.

Then also activate the SSL or Strip certificate.

Press the ON button to turn on the feature.

Fourth Step

Track properly working SSL packages, and stripping in Hotmail or any HTTP browser.

In this case, all you have to do is distribute the page for other people to log in on the page.

Note: Do not use this method to harm others, this method is for knowledge and learning only. If there are things that are unexpected, we are not responsible.


Is this application safe?

If you ask about the security of this application, it is certainly not safe, because basically this application is only used to test wifi security, especially the WPS SSID Wi-Fi.

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