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When discussing the Alight motion pro mod apk, certainly it will not be separated from the discussion about the best video editing application for Android.

This application is very popular among Android users who are active on social media such as Instagram and Facebook because of the ease of use in doing video editing.

Not only that, even now many YouTubers use the Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk application to create their YouTube content.

By using Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk all android users can learn how to edit videos, you can also pour your creativity anywhere using this application.

But before you use this application, you should first consider the complete discussion of the following Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk.

Alight Motion Pro

Many well-known video editors recommend Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk in doing video editing only because of its very easy and simple use.

The features of this video editing application for Android are also quite complete and certainly the features are no less complete than the PC video editing application.

The advantage this application has is the keyframe animation feature which functions to lighten static objects when editing.

Besides that, you can also adjust the appearance of the object and move it by combining several image frames with different effects.

For example, such as adding moving text or adding several images to a video that you are editing.

You can also use various types of fonts, you can even add fonts to this application by importing files.

Alight Motion Features

There are lots of interesting features provided by this application that you can use for free to enhance your video edits.

Here are the features that you can use to do video editing using the Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk application.

Audio and Video Layers

In this application there are audio and video layer features that you can use to add composition to the video to be edited.

You can combine several audio and video effects into one so that the resulting video becomes more dramatic.

Rendering Process Speed

In addition to adding audio and video, with this application you will also be given convenience during the rendering process. Usually when saving the results of editing using other applications, it will take a long time.

With this feature, the process of saving the edited results will not take a long time, just by pressing the save button the editing results will be saved directly in your gallery.

Various Types of Fonts

In the next feature, there are various types of fonts that you can use. You can use this type of font as needed based on the style and character of each of these fonts.

If the font types contained in this application are deemed incomplete, you can add the font types to this application by simply importing a file with the .ttf format.

Color Correction

For those of you who are learning to edit videos, the right choice if you are using this application. Because in this application there is an automatic color correction feature.

This feature will provide neutral colors in order to produce a more beautiful and quality image so that the details of each image frame do not experience blur or break.

Supports Vector and Bitmap Formats

Apart from using the Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk application, you will definitely not find this feature in other applications.

Because this feature is a superior feature of this application, the detailed video editing process can be done very easily using vector graphics.

Color Adjustment

The next feature is the Color Adjustment feature, this feature can create videos with color effects on each side of the video being edited, and can be adjusted according to taste and need.

In order for the color composition to match the video image, you can use this feature automatically and if you feel that the colors used are not suitable, you can also use this feature manually.

Alight Motion Pro feature

After you know the features of the free version of Alight Motion, you also need to know what features are in the Alight Motion Pro application. The following is a detailed explanation of the Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk features.

No Ads

Every time you use the free version of the application, you will definitely see an ad that is displayed, so that the ad disappears, you have to upgrade the application.

To upgrade, you usually have to make a payment first. Just like the application discussed at this time, namely Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk.

But this time you can use Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk for free without ads that appear when using this application. You can download the pro version of the ad-free application at the link we have provided below.

High Quality Audio

The next feature is that you can also add audio or music with very clear sound quality, without any part of the sound that sounds unclear.

In general, when you import audio with HD quality, the audio will automatically be compressed, resulting in less clear audio quality.

You will take advantage of this feature for the video editing process to get perfect results without any damage to the sound.

Completeness of Visual Effects

You can add visual effects with the various options available, because the Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk application has very complete visual effects features to enhance your edits.

Some examples of these visual effects include the Blur Effect, Jedag-Jedug, Auto Light Coloring, Various Font Types, and the Addition of a complete Animated Image.

Therefore, by using this application, you don’t need to think about the idea of ​​adding visual effects that will be used for your video.

Latest Font Types

The addition of text that is equipped with a font type will make the edited video look more attractive. You can use and choose each style and font according to your taste based on the theme of the video.

If the font you want to use is not yet available in the application, then you can add it manually. You can import any type of font into the Alight Motion Pro application.

You can take advantage of this cool feature to make subtitles on edited videos to produce videos like a professional editor.

Alight Motion Without Watermark

Usually when you save or export an edited video, you will see a watermark that appears in the bottom corner.

The way to get rid of the video watermark easily that you can do is to upgrade the application using the pro version.

If you have trouble upgrading the application to the pro version because you have to make a payment first, you can use and download the application that we have provided for free.

Choice of Aspect Ratio

Video resolution is an essential thing to use, because if a video uses a ratio of poor quality, the resulting image will look blurry or blurry.

Therefore, to get good image or video quality, you have to increase the resolution of your video so that the edits look clearer.

The way to increase the video resolution is very easy, especially by using the Alight Motion Pro Mod Apk application, you only have to choose the aspect ratio that is available.

There are several aspect ratio options that you can use in this application. In fact, you can also manually determine the aspect ratio of the video according to your needs.

Keyframe Animation

Keyframe animation is a transition effect that is used at each change of an image. Using this effect can make the videos you make more interesting.

You can even add a frame to the video being edited. Or you can also add some motion animation effects.

Export File Format

The next feature found in the Alight Motion Apk application is that you can export files using a variety of format options. Some of the format options include.

  1. MP4
  2. 3GP
  3. AVI
  4. FLV
  5. WMV
  6. WEBM
  7. DAT
  8. MKV
  9. MPG
  10. GIFV

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